University of California, Los Angeles
Emergency Medicine Research Associates


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Research Committee

The Research Committee aims to expose members to intellectual discussions regarding medical research while providing opportunities for potential further involvement with smaller projects. Alongside creation and presentation of posters during Undergraduate Research Week, the committee holds online and in-person journal clubs to facilitate members' growth. Our hope is that committee members will better understand the implications of the research we are involved with and develop the communication skills to share the results with others.


Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship committee aims to build intergenerational connections between both current and future healthcare practitioners by pairing EMRAs one-on-one with current emergency department residents. With a particular focus on the clinical practice and patient interaction aspects of emergency medicine, the committee will strive towards the building of such connections through guided shadowing opportunities, increased interpersonal interactions, and invaluable mentorship regarding the pathway to medicine.


New Member Training Committee

The New Member Training Committee aims to equip incoming EMRA members with the knowledge and skills to function independently on shifts as clinical research volunteers. Participation involves regular weekly meetings during training season to standardize the training process and discuss new member progress.


Education Committee

The Education committee provides members and the public with educational content and oppotunities to help contextualize medicine, science, and clinical research that benefits the community. Currently, this committee works towards encouraging member presentations on subjects EMRAs are passionate about to facilitate scientific communication and discussions about topics that others may not otherwise be exposed to.


Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee spearheads EMRA's social media, encompassing Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and website. Members design graphics, pitch feature ideas, and connect with alumni to celebrate individual accomplishments, promote new member recruitment, and highlight program opportunities, ressources, and events. No matter the project, the committee allows EMRAs to leverage their unique skillsets to grow the organization and themselves. As a program, EMRA values diversity in opinion, throught, and experience and hope to cultivate an environment that demonstrates this. When helping recruit new members, the committee strives to ensure that EMRA is a safe space for all members and that they have the resources necessary to grow professionally and contribute their thoughts to program practices.